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Join us and help provide education to some of the world’s least privileged children. By contributing just $230 (€200), you can sponsor a child in a Primary or Middle School, for an entire academic year. The contribution can be split into two easy payments, which provides tuition fees, a new school bag, a new pair of shoes, stationary and exercise books.

How does it work?

Our One Child, One Sponsor program, offers each participant the unique opportunity to create an impact in the life of a child. As a sponsor, you will learn about the personal lives, country and culture of the your sponsored child. We will provide you with payment receipts, academic updates and reports, photographs, letters and facilitate conversations with your sponsored child via Skype.

Even a letter from you can have a profound and long-lasting impact on your sponsored child.

Write a letter today and build a relationship that lasts a lifetime.
“The letters and love I received from my parents make me feels special and happy.” 
- Garmai

Garmai Letter

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