CPVP - Dedicated to a Culture of Peace and Respect for Human Dignity in Conflict and Post Conflict Regions.

in Conflict and Post Conflict Regions.

Dedicated to a Culture of Peace and Respect for Human Dignity
Empowering Youth Through Service Learning and Entrepreneuirial Initiatives.

Through Service Learning and Entrepreneurial Initiatives.

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Our Strategy - Engaging Communities in Tribal and Regious Tolereance

Engaging Communities in Tribal and Religious Tolerance

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Our Strategy - Ensuring the World\\\'s Most Vunerable Children are Protected and Educated.

Ensuring the World’s Most Vulnerable Children are Protected and Educated

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Child Soldiers Saved
School Bag

United for Mali: Saving 1,500 lives

The urgent needs are tents, and shelter materials for those sleeping on the wet and cold ground. Our goal is to provide one tent, to each of the 216 families.

Children Sponsored by CPVP

Youth Empowerment

Across Africa, young people feel marginalised, left out, and convinced that their concerns about social and economic exclusion aren’t taken seriously by state actors. Facing this challenge, some youths, particularly those in conflict and post-conflict countries, have turned to crimes, prostitution and self-radicalization as an alternative means of survival.


Education may not prevent a group or an individual from carrying out violence, but it could help create an environment that makes it difficult for extreme ideologies and violent acts to thrive. The Center for Peace and Violence Prevention do not seek to intercept violent extremists nor do we identify potential perpetrators of violence. On the contrary, we teach each child to embrace a culture of peace and respect for human dignity-such that slums, villages and educational centers do not become breeding grounds for groups seeking children for their armies.

So far, we have provided primary, secondary and university education to 650 youth and children in Liberia, Mali, and Nigeria. Our goal is to increase the figure to 10,000 by 2025.

One Child, One Schoolbag Project

The One Child, One School Bag Program is designed to provide underprivileged children with school bags and stationeries materials in remote communities. So far, we have reached 3,600 children in villages and slums across three countries. We hope to increase this number to 10,000 by the end of 2020. Send a bag or a pencil to a child and make his or her educational dream a reality.