Zoe Kelley

Zoe earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Denver in Religious studies, with a minor in Philosophy and International Relations. Zoe has an interest in diaspora populations and effective research through oral history, ethnography and storytelling.

To support her degree research on the changing national identity of third and fourth generation Turkish-German citizens living in Istanbul and Berlin, she conducted qualitative and quantitative research in these cities. Zoe has also interned for the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and the African Community Center (ACC), two of the main refugee resettlement agencies in Denver, CO.

She has worked with migrants and refugees from over fifteen countries and is currently continuing her work with the Post-Conflict Research Center (PCRC) in Bosnia & Herzegovina, while conducting collaborative research on the post-war Sephardic Jewish community.

Zoe is motivated by the growing knowledge that our systems of understanding conflict and identity can be productively challenged through example. She aims to produce work that engages and reinvents what peace, power and community is supposed to look like or behave within a society.