Nina Popanton

Nina specializes in international development and cross-cultural communication. She is an innovative, ambitious and result-oriented humanitarian and development practitioner, with expertise in program and project management.

She is a versatile leader as demonstrated by a role that requires her to supervise, coordinate, and motivate an organization comprising of part-time and full-time volunteers, including networking with current and prospective sponsors and partners on a regular basis.

She is experienced in the design and implementation of child welfare and protection programs, with a demonstrated ability in public communication strategies, event planning and developmental agendas that are targeted towards CPVP’s Mission and vision. As a Country Director, she serves as the link between CPVP’s programs in Africa and its partners in Austria.

Nina has worked at Dialog Direct, where she served as a team leader raising funds for SOS Kinderdorf and currently works as Team Lead in the field of Scientific Communications at Data Intelligence Offensive.